Anthro Animal Comic Strips

Here at Udderly Ridiculous Productions, we love comics down to the core. If you love comics, or if you are a new hobbyist looking for a creative take on everyday life, look no further than the anthropomorphic animal comics that we have to offer. Each of our characters is fully fleshed out and helps to create an immersive world of their own that will leave you excited and wanting more.

We absolutely love the support that our fan base gives us, and we hope that you will join our friendly community once you read our anthro animal comic strips. We also have apparel, concept art, and more for those who want to explore our website to learn more about our anthropomorphic animal comics and the characters within them.

Keep reading to learn more about our anthro animal comic strips. We look forward to brightening your day through the creativity and fun that we have to offer.

Fun, Exciting, and Interesting Anthro Comics

Udderly Ridiculous Productions was started by Mike Dowell, a skilled artist. Mike was working on his family farm when he was hit with the idea to draw the animals he found on the farm throughout the day. Mike began to reinterpret their looks, personalities, and stories which quickly became more fun and exciting to expound on.

Since then, Mike has grown Udderly Ridiculous Productions from a small idea to a large fan base that enjoys finding humor and fun throughout their day. Udder Ridiculous Productions has a great variety of skilled cartoonists and friends that enjoy the vision that we do. We are excited to show you our work so that you can find a fun way to go about your day with our comics.

We even have apparel that can further show off your love for the comics and characters from Udderly Ridiculous Productions. Our friendly team is excited to get to know you and help you find the character you love and give you the quality reader experience that you deserve.

To learn more about our comics and characters, reach out to our friendly team today through our contact page.